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'Comphy' is a large braid  filled  with extra weight. This gives the wearer a warm, comfortable and safe feeling.​  it was  inspired by the heart and brain waves of human beings in response to comfort. At a certain frequency, human beings  are at their most tranquil.  I tried to achieve this rest through this wearable  object.  

In further research, I found that an essential part of producing tranquillity in living beings was physical touch.  This made it clear that the main points of this  project were heat and pressure.During my creative process, I focused on different pressure points of the body and imitating human intimacy.  

From there, I moved on to creating a wearable object that would spark this feeling of intimacy in its wearer. The end result is 'Comphy'. It is filled with small seeds which capture heat when you warm  it up in a microwave or oven.  

Material: tricot, felt, small seeds

Weight: 3 kg    

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