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Growing MDF

In connection with a project by the  FSC brand and  certification, I explored what happens with wood scraps  and  sick trees in the rain forest. In non-FSC  approved factories, it's left unused. Factories with an  FSC certificate, however,  use these leftovers  to create  MDF.  

The only negative result of this  is that people don't  like MDF.  It is usually used for  products which will be painted over.


People see MDF as fake; it doesn't convey  the same feeling that wood can through  its grain structure. real wood  tells its life story through its  year rings and texture.  


I wanted to give the MDF more value  by letting it "grow" and giving  it a more organic structure. By valuing a natural resource, more we can prevent  washed.

Material: MDF, Boiling water, salt 

Original size MDF: 18 mm 

Boilt  MDF: 110mm

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