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STEM is a minimalistic hand banded aluminum bar that will support your plants. The shape of the holder will help with supporting the heavy overhanging leaves and branches of your plants, by leaning on your plant pot. STEM comes in two sizes. 


Please contact me for any special requests. 




SKU: 364215376135191
VAT Included
Kleur: Aluminium
  • – Easy to use

    – Each piece is unique and banded by hand

    – Due to the raw nature of the aluminum, scratches and irregularities on the surface might be present.

    – The material is coated against corrosion, but may patinate. Marking and tinting may occur. 


    Materials / Dimensions

    – Aluminum

    – H 60 / W 3 / D 30 cm

    – H 30 / W 2/ D 15 cm

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