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Green Matter

The research project 'Green Matter' took place in the Hogeveens Polder in the heart of the flower bulb region, right between Noordwijkerhout and Lisse.


Originally used for rearing cattle, almost every meadow has been turned into flower bulb fields. To the present day, the polder is subject to constant transformation due to developments in the horticultural business, tourism, local and national government initiatives and the local residents. 


The Hogeveense Polder is a landscape that is created and reimagined by farmers and growers, making use of their very specific techniques and often tailor-made machinery and tools. 

During this research project, I looked at the view of and through this glasshouse and how it can be operated as a private and semi-public space. The end goal of this project was to create an Airbnb.  

Together with Charlotte de Goey, I decided to split the greenhouse in two to create two different houses; one for privacy, one as a semi-public space. To do so, we were required to construct two new walls, which were inspired by the flower bulb barns in the area. The removed section of the greenhouse produced an unobstructed view of the scenery for the old farmhouse located behind it. 

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