Manon Stoeltie born and raised in Amsterdam. Graduated in 2018 as a furniture designer from the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, with her project 'Freeze Frame'. After her studies, she started her own studio in the Hague, where she continues developing the process of the "Freeze Frame" project.


Her objects reside on the border between design and autonomous art, where composition ratios of colour and material play a major role. 


She finds inspiration in various forms of craftsmanship, choosing her materials based on her preferences in texture and malleability. Much like her graduation project, each one of her pieces is a 'freeze-frame' of her personality.


8 - 10  Feb '19                         Freeze Frame, OBJECT ROTTERDAM, HAKA Rotterdam

17 - 25 Oct '18                        Freeze Frame, Dutch Design Week, Campina Eindhoven

11 - 13 July '18                        Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


Jan - Apr '19                           'Wie niet weg is, is gezien' Primary School Teaching Program, Titus Brandsma School Delft


Apr '19                                     Created the Witte Anjer Award 2019 for Veteranendag, The Hague 

Sep '19 -'20                             Teaching at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

Cources and education

2008 - 2012                              MBO degree, Graphic Design, Media Collega, Amsterdam

2013 - 2018                              Bachelor's degree, Interior architecture / Furniture design, KABK, The Hague

2014 - 2015                              Bechelor's exchange, Jewelry design, KOV, Umprum, Prague

2014 - 2015.                             Pottery course, Umprum, Prague
Sep - Oct 2019                        Jewelry course, Vakschool Edelsmeden, Amsterdam 



Apr- July 2015.                       Design Studio Martens & Visser, Eindhoven

Apr- July 2009.                       Graphic design studio De Hazen, Amsterdam